Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Toy Story 3

Have I been waiting for this game, just like a kid, since I found out that it was in the making. I'm a huge fan of the toy story movies, and watch them every now and then. I'm looking forward for the 3rd in the story, and being able to play the characters in a game, now I just hope they did a good job, this should be a A++ title for kids.

The game got native joypad support, but to be sure it all works as good as possible with your rumblepad 2 or dual action game pad you need to do the following...

In the directory :

\Program Files\Disney Interactive Studios\Toy Story 3\

rename the existing : xinput1_3.dll to xinput1_3.dll.old

and copy the files of x360ce vibmod :


I'm now off to enjoy this game. First impressions is that it's a very much a kids game.

Edit: After playing this game, it's truly a game your young kids may enjoy. It got multiplayer possibilities, with split screen, they can enjoy the story with a friend. The game itself is quite well done, and if you and or your kids are toy story fans, it's worth a look and maybe a buy. It'll take a few hours to play the story, then you can mess around with the "round" up for as long as you want...


  1. I'm also quite a big fan of the Toy Story movies (they're my favourite Pixar movies besides WALL-E) and I'm really anxious about the third one coming right around the corner... but I'm really not that much interested in the game :P

  2. I just which the budget on these kind of games where a bit more than what they are. A bad game for a great movie, makes the movie look bad in my eyes... The game should always outshine the movie, or at least be just a good. Take for example Avatar, now there is an example of a super budget movie, that result in a great movie, with a really crap budget for the game that is supposed to match this amazing movie, and it was well not good.

  3. Thank you for the Help. I run Toy Story 3 on a Apple OS 10.6.4 for my Grand children. Do you have a setup and profile for the Cordless RumblePad 2 that we can download to get the game and Pad in Sync??

    thanx again, laketahoe