Thursday, November 17, 2011

Need for Speed: The Run

In order to get Need for Speed: The Run, working with your Logitech Rumblepad2 or Dual Action Gamepad, you just need to do the following...

Download :


Extract the files :


into the installed game directory like :

\Program Files (x86)\Need for Speed The Run\

On in case you don't know where it is located try to search for :

Need For Speed The Run.exe

And place the files in the same directory as the .exe file.

Now, I am going to enjoy this great game with my Logitech game pad!


  1. I can not change the controls. It is working properly, but acceleration is now on button 8 and breaking - on button 7. Anybody nows how to put it on right analog stick?

  2. you are doing a very good thing with this emulator. WE ARE VERY THANKFUL FOR THIS! please believe us. keep it up!

  3. want to change the sticks? seek XInputEmulator2009-3-27

  4. Thank man it's work great thank for all your doing

  5. This is great, Thanks so much for sharing. =)

  6. Saints Row 3?

    the 'usual' dosen't seem to work (ie what was used for SR2 and is being used above for NFS.RUN and just about every other game this year.)

    Help please :)

    ps Great site, why the hell can game dev's add this or something similar to their games?

  7. Hey I want to use right analog stick to accel/or brake i have used the a/m but its not working for the right stick...

  8. and vibration ftw where is vibration?

    wich version to use
    xbox360cemu.v.3.0.rar have no vibration??

  9. Hi,
    i use a Logitech Cordless Rumble Pad 2 and
    i can now accelerate and brake with the right analog stick:

    Use xbox360cemu.v.3.0.rar.

    Then start the Logitech Profiler (automatically installed when updating Rumble Pad 2 drivers/software)

    I there assigned commands for the Right stick Y achsis.

    For up and down stick i assigned Button 1 and Button 2 as Command.

    Ingame i assigned button 1 and 2 for accelerate and braking.

    Here my Logitech Profile:

    U can Import via Logitech Profiler.


  10. Why the fuck I can't change the look left/right in game to other buttons...its fucking stuck with right stick,the others can be changed to other buttons.

  11. it works realy fine..... thanks mate !!!!!!

  12. Hey, someone asked above about vibration.. I am having the same issue, the emulator works like a charm, thanks for that! but vibration would be nice, cant make it work. Advise? Thanks in advance!

  13. THANKS !!!!

    "A" button works but can't get "B" to do anything.
    So i'm stuck in the compactor.

    Ideas anyone ??

    chilllcat (@)

  14. Hi
    Im using Logitech Cordless Rumble Pad 2 and it is working BUT my left stick which is used to steering the car have a low sensitive now.I can barely turn the car. How do I fix this?

  15. this works great and has prevented me from buying a new controller. Now I have more money for Christmas presents ;-) thanks a lot

  16. I have the same issue with the slow steering, it was quicker before the emulator.

    I think this is a great thing, I just wish the steering was sharper..

  17. Im using Logitech Cordless Rumble Pad 2 as well.

  18. If you want to get the steering sharper, using a RumblePad 2, I changed this and had good luck..

    Left Analog X Linear=60 - in file xbox360cemu

    #-100 to +100 raise this number to increase sensitivity near center

  19. Is there any fix to get right analog working? can't bind it on brake or accelerate.

  20. Getting some chop in the audio, and some long load times in splash screen. But im blown away with how nice it is to play and graphics are.

  21. its great! working good. but someone asked about vibration problem. i want to solve this one too. please, help. thanks a lot.

    1. Where you able to get the vibration? I am facing the same.

  22. Im new in here i have the same problem that the other guys the emu works but no vibration it all and when i try the other emu in the game menu only shows keyboard and ¿wheel? why is that? i dont have a wheel xd.

  23. I already have vibration during the day i was testing diferent ways to make it work,if you want ir contact me at,i want it in english im from argentina i know it sounds stupid but i like the original lenguage.

  24. Thank you! Solved my issue with keyboard not working! Was able to finish the game! I don't have a controller at all but my PC thought I do,therefore it didn't recognized my keyboard input and confused something else as a controller. When I installed it, it just worked, it must have understood I have no controller and allowed the keyboard to work. Thanks!

  25. not working on mine or lets say not working like i wanted acceleration and nad brake should be RS but its not else i'd be happy.

  26. i want change analog steering to direction button, can anyone help?

  27. you are the best thnx

  28. Hey Guys... I am using A Logitech Dual Action Gamepad... I use it for Fifa 12 but then I tried it in NFS undercover....I used keyboard for NFS undercover ... then tried to use the ga,epad for NFS undercover.... And I Played !!! I would like to share how to use it

    1) Plug in your Logitech gamepad ( guess all will work )
    2) Go to Control Panel
    3) Click Device & Printers
    4) You will see your logitech gamepad along with other devices... Now right click on that and you wil get GAME CONTROL SETTINGS... Click on it
    5) Then follow these steps..... - Click on PROPERTIES
    - Click on ABOUT
    - Click on SELECT A NEW GAME
    - Enter the name of Game ( the game you have
    already installed and wish to play )
    - Then Browse the .exe file of the game...
    - Now you can see your game for example....
    " Play NFS undercover " attached in the Logitech profiler
    - Once in the game, change the button configuration.....

  29. it's great!thank you so much

  30. Guys I ca't use my left analog to steer.. It works perfectly in the menus, but when i try to play the game, it doesn't work (i have to steer with the d-pad).

    Any solutions?

  31. From my post:

    Anonymous Mar 10, 2012 04:04 AM
    "Guys I ca't use my left analog to steer.. It works perfectly in the menus, but when i try to play the game, it doesn't work (i have to steer with the d-pad).

    Any solutions?"

    Nvm, i worked it out myself: i justy have to press to mode button on the controller (which turns off the led light) and it switched the d-pad and the left analog :)

  32. I don't need to use the emulator, I just press the mode button, until the led lights on. I can change the settings just like what I want (I steer with the right joystick, and accelerate/brake with the left joystick).

  33. ¡muchas gracias, eres lo máximo! ahora sí a jugar NFS

  34. works perfectly, thanks!!!!

  35. I can change the controls. It is working properly, Thanks !!!

  36. If all of you want to know how to make gamepad work on game need for speed the run, watch my video on youtube

  37. None of the fixes let you have analogue acceleration/braking with right stick, assigning it as buttons is pointless.

    In other games it can be fixed not this one.

  38. Vibrate not work any game why ????

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  41. my vibration is ot working
    i am using frontech jil1321
    xbox 360 emu 3.1.1
    no vibration is happening
    the vibration happens in nfs most wanted 2012(criterion) but not in run.
    installed the drivers of the joystick but still no change.