Monday, December 6, 2010

TRON: Evolution

To get TRON: Evolution working with your rumblepad 2 or dual action game pad, you'll need to download and install the x360ce vibmod Other versions wont work.

Put the files in the installed directory as follows...

\Program Files\Disney Interactive Studios\Tron Evolution\Binaries\Win32Live\


Now, don't forget to go into game settings and enable gamepad. And off you go to play the game with your pad.


  1. OK the left stick is inverted and so far I know the a and b buttons are swapped. This reminds me of Mirrors Edge, I could never get that game working right with my logitech pad.

  2. hey dude
    i got my pad working fr supermeat boy btw
    u didnt post it
    download his

    run exe
    create both files and load the 360 controler frm drop down and click save

  3. ok, the swapped buttons is a mess, but the directional can be still fixed by setting keyboard directionals up and down keys into the logitech profiler
    its the same that gears of war

  4. and i even got nail'd working for me

  5. I'm having the same problem as Tom L. Left analog stick (Y) is flipped (press up to go backward and vice versa) and A and B are switched. Any fix? I went into x360ce file and tried to change it but no luck

  6. Also, to change the resolution to a non-supported one (i.e. 1920x1080), open:

    My Documents/Disney Interactive Studios/Tron Evolution/UnrealEngine3/GridGame/Config/GridEngine.ini

    and change ResX and ResY (lines 805 and 806) to your desired values.

  7. hey, KindRudeKid, I'm trying to fix my gamepad in SuperMeatBoy too, but TocaEdit Controller Emu doesn't worked for me. In the app, controller works good, all button and axes are ok, but in game, just the "down" pad and buttons seems to work...

  8. that's because the x360ce vibmod isn't working. I try without the x360ce in the directory of the game, and happens the same.

  9. Did anyone find a way to get the axis flipped so they are correct? Without binding it to keys (Want to keep the analogue-ness)

  10. hey can any1 tell me to use this on the new xbmc?

  11. yes search about x360ce.exe installation perfect.
    SI BUSCAD EL x360ce.exe lo meteis en la carpeta y lo ejecutais se instala solo.


  12. Great, my noname gamepad works now :).

    To fix the axis or button, open file x360ce.ini and change values for "Left Analog", "Right Analog" or any of the buttons.
    When you run XInputText.exe you can see how the changed values are working (you must re-run it each time you change the ini!).

  13. I had the problem of inverted y-axes and A/B-buttons too, and solved it by changing the PID in the x360ce.ini to the correct value.
    To get your gamepad-PID go to Windows Device Manager, open the gamecontroller properties, go to details, select Hardware-IDs. Now you see the VID/PID values. Correct these in your x360ce.ini.

  14. Can some just post a corrected x360ce.ini file? I've tried everything and nothing works.

  15. Get in folder /Documents/Disney Interactive Studios/Tron evolution/unrealengine3/gridgame/config and open file "gridimput".
    Find all the words "XboxTypeS_LeftY""and change the value of Speed to -1 (Speed=-1). DO that for every line.
    DOnt cahnge enything in x360ce.ini file.

  16. everything works for me but im having trouble with the x button i config everything to what the controls have to be but when i play the game the x button wont work plz help tell me what i need to do

    1. two years later and still having the same problem.

  17. Ok just to clear things up the preset that was with the download came with the PID=0xC216 (Line 11 of the x360ce.ini) If you have a later model of the gamepad like I do then this PID is incorrect and no matter what changes you make to the ini it will never be reflected in game though it still show up correctly on the Ximput test.

    To get your gamepad-PID go to Windows Device Manager > Human Interface Devices > LogitechRumblePad 2 >Right Click and open Properties, go to details tab, select Hardware-IDs.
    You should see something like USB\VID_046D&PID_C218&REV_0100

    Make sure that the VID and PID match in the INI; If not correct them in the x360ce.ini file.
    In my case the VID was correct (VID=0x046D) the PID=0xC216 (What came in the download) was changed to PID=0xC218

  18. Cont.

    Now when you run the game the buttons should be correctly mapped or reflect the changes you make to the ini file.

    Now correctly play and enjoy a truly mediocre game, and for what’s its worth Tron 2.0 was much better both in story, design and general game play. That’s what Tron Legacy should have been.

  19. i did that but i have the logitech dual action controller how can i make the x button with that controller

  20. Not working right - button A B are mixed. How to fix?

  21. HELP ME WITH THIS GAME!!!!!!!!
    APACHE AIR ASSAULT 2010!!!!!!!!!

  22. hi everybody.
    first thanx to your up, it's very helpful!

    But i also have a button problem. but for me it's not a switch between two buttons, it's the B button that does'nt want to work at all...
    i verified the vid and there are 046d and c216, like in the ini file...
    (this button function correctly with others games and in the menu of tron, but not in the game...)

    anyone can help please?


  23. Maybe it's the logitech device driver or windows version that messes it up?

    I use (9/11/2009), and win7 32bit, for me it works great! I also never did any update for the game, don't know if there is any released. I use the original files.

  24. I have the same problem with the inverted Right analog stick and the buttons 2 & 3. I have changed the PID to the correct one. By the way i have Cordless Rumblepad 2. Can anyone help me?

  25. You can download the files from :

  26. How about camera looking problem ? How can i fix it ?

  27. Everything works fine except that button 7 will not work as "Block". The rest of the buttons work fine. Any one got a clu to what causes this?

  28. Thank you very much :) It works alright in my game, no problems with camera and stuff.
    Cheers, Maya

  29. Hey there all... [sry 4 bad english]
    Im using a canyon gamepad with that 2 mushroom on thumbs [ if help].
    When i use left mushroom, in game to go up, he go down, when push down he go up.
    I modify .ini file to work propery but in game dosnt help.

    Any help a bouth this issue

  30. got the A/B/directionals fixed with the x360ce file (thank you), but now my X button doesn't should execute a simple disc throw

    any ideas?????? verified that the X button has a value of "1" and not "0" on my x360ce file...