Friday, May 28, 2010

Alpha Protocol

To get Alpha Protocol work with your rumblepad 2 gamepad, or the dual action gamepad. Simply make sure you do the following, then make sure you enable Xbox 360 Controller in the settings of the game...

Download the file :

extract the content and copy the files :


Into the installed directory like :

\Program Files\SEGA\Alpha Protocol\Binaries

Now I'm off to see if the game is really as bad as everyone keeps telling me... After playing a while it doesn't seem so bad... But I do sometime have some kind of frame rate problem. The graphic settings seems not to have anything to do with this. maybe it's a CPU thing? Any clues? Seems like my CPU running at 100%. Never seen this in a game before, :) maybe time to upgrade.

Anyone complaining on the PC version having bad controls, must not be using a logitech rumblepad 2 or xbox 360 controller, to play it. So far the game looks great, and feels good to play. Apart from running at 100% of my CPU causing some stutter, the game is great fun...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Finally Blur is available for us on the PC. In order to get it working with your logitect rumblepad 2 / dual action game pad, all you need to do is ...

copy the files of x360ce vibmod :


Into the installed directory like :

\Program Files\Activision\Blur(TM)

Now, after completing "Split Second", I'm ready to take on this racer. To see if it got what it takes to make it to the top... so far it looks pretty good.

Edit: after playing it for a while, it just don't feels like this game is going to make the top list. It's not my kind of racing... I'm more into the "Split Second" kind of racing type... So do try this for a while before you buy it, so you wont be dissappointed... I'm going to give this a few more hours to see if it'll get any better down the line... But the "power-ups" make this game feel more like a "kids" game than anything else...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Shrek Forever After

This game do have joy pad support, but you will have to turn it on by choosing controller, then choose Assign, and press a button on the controller, do this for each of the players.

Now let's see if the game itself is worth while, from the first looks it appears more to be a game from a few years ago. But after playing it the bad first impressions fade away, and the game is actually quite good. The multi-player feature makes it truly enjoyable.

But do try it for a while before you buy it.

Edit: after completing this game, I must say it's quite good. Reminds me a bit of shrek 2 for PS2. It's mostly fun with at least 2 players at the same time, and this is a very kid friendly game. It's a must for any game loving shrek fan.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Split/Second is a great racing game, and it will support your logitech rumblepad 2 or dual action game pad out of the box.

Now, I'll dig deeper into the world of racing with Split/Second, to see if this game live up to the hype. And after an hour of play, I must say this game is pretty entertaining. My favorite racer is still the Burn out series, but this game is pretty awesome, with a game pad it got a real "console" gaming feeling in it.

I heard this game is not working with the xbox 360 controller. If anyone knows that is so please let us know. Yeah, again... This game does rock, but try it before you buy it...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tropico 3: Absolute Power

Mr. President is back, now you'll enjoy absolute power... This is a great game, and will work with your pad, using xpadder.

It's a great addition to the game, and I'm sure if your a fan already you will enjoy this game. Off to rule my tropical paradise...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Rocket Knight

This game is available for the PC, not just the PS3 or XBOX 360. It's a fairly good beatem up side scroller platform game. After just completing Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction, this game is a bit of a nice change. Despite it's designed for pads in general, you still need to copy the files into the installed directory to get the best experience.

copy the files of x360ce vibmod :


Woow, now lets see how kids friendly this game is, after a few minutes, I still think this game is not more than an average game, and since we're now the "3D" generation, I don't know if it will do that well.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Whispered World

This is an adventure game, point and click, xpadder will do the trick for you as there is no native pad support. with xpadder you can map your mouse to your game pad, it works great with the Logitech Rumblepad 2, and Dual Action Game Pad.

This is quite a good game, it's a bit trick so a Walkthrough is a great help, I got stuck a few times, and it managed to keep my interest with some of the tricky bits to solve.

Enjoy this great and cute adventure.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction

It'll be fun to see if this game can compete with the entertainment of Just Cause II from Square. This is rated "M" for a mature teen audience, Now let's find out how to get playing with a pad, this game will need the xbox 360 emulation patch in the following directory in order to work with logitech rumblepad 2 / dual action game pads.

Program Files\Ubisoft\Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction\src\system\

copy the files of x360ce vibmod :


Dont forget, you need to set "Use Controller" in the setup.

Finally with a great pc, with the powerfull gfx card, you can enjoy this beyond anything a xbox 360 can push out. I'll be playing this one in the late nights for the next week.

Edit: note one big pain with Ubisoft's DRM protection, is that you need a constant internet connection, and this caused a bit of a problem for me, when my internet was down, and you just want to play. I'm not a big fan of this "online" solution, as many of people I know, don't have a internet connection. Suddenly they need one just to play games? It makes no sense. I do hope they find a better solution, don't think everyone are constantly connected, and online when and where they play games. It's a bit sad, I hear from many people that stay away from buying any software / games, that require being online. One of their arguments is that what if I play these games a few years from now, when for example the game provider exists no longer? Are the servers still there?