Friday, May 28, 2010

Alpha Protocol

To get Alpha Protocol work with your rumblepad 2 gamepad, or the dual action gamepad. Simply make sure you do the following, then make sure you enable Xbox 360 Controller in the settings of the game...

Download the file :

extract the content and copy the files :


Into the installed directory like :

\Program Files\SEGA\Alpha Protocol\Binaries

Now I'm off to see if the game is really as bad as everyone keeps telling me... After playing a while it doesn't seem so bad... But I do sometime have some kind of frame rate problem. The graphic settings seems not to have anything to do with this. maybe it's a CPU thing? Any clues? Seems like my CPU running at 100%. Never seen this in a game before, :) maybe time to upgrade.

Anyone complaining on the PC version having bad controls, must not be using a logitech rumblepad 2 or xbox 360 controller, to play it. So far the game looks great, and feels good to play. Apart from running at 100% of my CPU causing some stutter, the game is great fun...


  1. game stutters for ne too

  2. how to invert right y axis? Big thx for the Blog!

  3. how do you pick locks with the rumble pad its going for me up and down like crazy... 501 look in the options there should be an invert option

  4. Seifer LeonheartMay 31, 2010 at 8:57 AM

    What 501 must be trying to say is how to invert y axis with x axys

    I'm having the same problem here ¬¬

    Basically, up and down goes right and left, and vice versa

    Still, haven't found a solution to it either...

  5. For the locks the only solution is turn joypad off, and do it with the mouse. It's a problem with the game design. they should have used the stick for picking locks, not using the LT/RT for that. on the xbox controller the LT/RT is analog so it works for those.

  6. I had that inverse problem, only if I did not install the above mentioned driver. you have to use that one, nothing else did work.

  7. for me it works if i put the .dlls in the folder where the .exe data is


    Can you make a guide for FIFA Online BETA.

    Thanks anyway.