Friday, May 21, 2010

Shrek Forever After

This game do have joy pad support, but you will have to turn it on by choosing controller, then choose Assign, and press a button on the controller, do this for each of the players.

Now let's see if the game itself is worth while, from the first looks it appears more to be a game from a few years ago. But after playing it the bad first impressions fade away, and the game is actually quite good. The multi-player feature makes it truly enjoyable.

But do try it for a while before you buy it.

Edit: after completing this game, I must say it's quite good. Reminds me a bit of shrek 2 for PS2. It's mostly fun with at least 2 players at the same time, and this is a very kid friendly game. It's a must for any game loving shrek fan.

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