Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Saboteur

It seems to work fine with the xbox360 joypad emulator, but the game it self wont run on my setup, like for so many others, hopefully EA will have a patch out for it asap...

Download :

And copy the files :


Into the directory

\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Saboteur\

(x360ce.ini in the pack is moded to work with a logitech rumblepad 2, check the Index=0 (controller index in system game controllers list)).

Friday, December 4, 2009

DiRT 2

I easily installed the rumblepad 2 emulation for this game, and got going at it.

Put the following files into :

\Program Files\Codemasters\DiRT2


if you havent got em, you may download from :

It's a fairly great game, and anyone who enjoy the rally type of games, including FUEL, may very well enjoy this title as well. I found the car controlls a bit difficult to handle, but that is something you may get used to after a while.


Lego Indiana Jones 2

This is one of those games you can enjoy old or young. The lego series like batman, star wars, and indiana jones... I'm just waiting for the spongebob version... :) These games always work strain out of the box with rumble pad 2.

If this is the type of game you enjoy it will give you 100% worth of money and value.

Do enjoy, I just love this.