Friday, November 5, 2010

James Bond 007: Blood Stone

James Bond 007: Blod Stone does not support Logitech Rumblepad 2 or Dual Action game pads very well, it seems to work a bit in the menus, but not in the game itself, and there was not much luck with the xbox 360 emulators available.

Edit: These files should give you more than enough support to play it :

Copy them into :

\Program Files\Activision\James Bond 007(TM) - Blood Stone\


And don't forget to enable controller into the game options (Controller).

If you don't get this working, then your best bet is to use xpadder, download and install, and get mapping...

Now you can get the game work fairly good...

I did config it similar to the PS3 version,

(Control Config Foot)
L1 - Weapon Aim Mode
L2 - Focus Aim
R1 - Weapon Fire
R2 - Weapon Reload - Pickup
DPAD-UP - Use Smartphone
DPAD-DOWN - Activate Smartphone
L3 - Swap Shoulder - Sprint
R3 - Scope Zoom Cycle
TRIANGLE - Weapon Swap
SQUARE - Takedown
CIRCLE - Context Move
X - Context Action

(Control Config Driving)
L2 - Brake
L1 - Horn
R2 - throttle
RIGHT ANALOG - External View Look
TRIANGLE - Toggle View
CIRCLE - Handbrake
X - Fire weapon


  1. Thanks man

    the applicatin is work very well ..

  2. Yeah, I just finished the game. Big Thanks.

  3. I`m still having a problem, when I`m looking left using my pad, bond is looking down, when I`m looking up bond is looking right, Trying both methods using 360ce and xpadder

  4. I had the same problem, until I used the above file, then it all just works.

    You will have this issue, if you don't use the ximput emulation for the xbox 360 controller.

  5. I`m using xinput, and its allways works with other games, no idea why its not working with 007

  6. Are you using the above files? If not, get them and try. It did work for me.

  7. the files in doesn't work for me at all.

    actually the xinput v3.0 works almost fine (only for like 70% of the all buttons):

    i've always used the xinput and it worked well in games till now.
    i dunno why but it doesn't work well with blood stone...

    the main problem is that it can't map mouse movements well - when i push LEFT it goes UP+LEFT and for RIGHT is goes DOWN+RIGHT. it doesn't respond at all for DOWN or UP.

    moreover, the LEFT and RIGHT MOUSE CLICKs aren't mapped too...

    as for mapping buttons and movements with apps like XPADDER or LOGITECH PROFILER - it doesn't work with this game AT ALL!

    so i hope someone who knows how to configure the xbox360 emulator, will find the way to get it work right... and i hope it will happen fast :)

  8. link is not working ;/

  9. Try :

  10. Guys neither files are working for me :(

    It sucks playing with the mouse.

    I am using an Alienware M15x and the Rumble Pad 2....I tried both xpadder and xinput.

    What should I do?

  11. At last! after few hours of trying, I created working configuration :
    Try It it works for me.

  12. Thanks Univega!I took your file
    and convert it for my thrustmaster run'n'drive and it works perfect for me too!Thanks again!

  13. univega i tried to use your files but ixinputest says NOT CONNECTED!

    im usin: winxp + logitech rumble pad2

  14. univegas didn't work for me.

  15. Imma try everything i can, but there's something bothering me. When i run the xinput yatta yatta yatta, the game comes down before it starts.

    Can someone help me? don't wanna play with the fkn keyboard and mouse. Im using WIN7

  16. I'm getting the same "Not Connected" problem in xinputest.

    I've also tried mapping the keys with xpadder, and the buttons work well, but the analog sticks aren't working right. Mapping the left stick to WSAD results in crappy control and mapping the right stick to up-down-left-right doesn't work in aim mode at all.

    Any suggestions?

  17. if anyone solved the problem with the joystick? why you want to look left, he looks up and look right when he looked down to bottom ... if anyone has a solution

  18. does someone know why if my buttons are mapped correctly and also joystick axis, why would my camera stick(right stick) only goes from UP/LEFT to DOWN/RIGHT ??

  19. I have the same problem as "Anonymous" in 12th of Jan 2011 post ... everything works great except fot the right stick ... can anyone assist?

  20. download doesnt

  21. try to get it from :

  22. problems with the right analogstick
    or a not connected controller?
    I fixed it for me, using Win7 x64,
    hope it will work for you too guys ;)

  23. david could you please upload your file again cos the link you gave state the file has been deleted

  24. You can get it here :

  25. all of the links on this page no longer exists. Can someone pls give me a recent and available one pls?