Thursday, June 24, 2010


This game got build in pad support for the logitech rumblepad 2 and dual action game pads, menu controls are a bit strange.

You may use xpadder to map some of the missing functionality like getting the pause menu in game.

Overall it seems to be a decent game, but it uses alot of CPU, and caused a bit of stutter on my setup. I'm probably putting this game on the shelf until I get my system upgraded.

Another solution to get the pad working correctly, without the need to use xpadder, or modify the controlls are...

Download the file :

extract the content and copy the files :


Into the installed directory like :

\Program Files\Activision\Singularity(TM)\Binaries\

Now, you may enjoy this shooter, as it should be with the correct pad layout.

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  1. I get shuttering every 2-3 seconds although my CPU is not overloaded. Any solutions?