Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sniper: Ghost Warrior

In order to get Sniper: Ghost Warrior to work with the logitech rumblepad 2 or dual action game pads, you'll need to get a copy of x360ce vibmod, and put the following files :


Into the installed Directory :

\Program Files\City Interactive\Sniper Ghost Warrior\

You'll need to create a profile, and in "Options" -> "Controls" you need to set the Xbox 360 Controller as your "Configuration".

The game also have a problem with full-screen in other resolutions than your current windows settings, so do change your windows settings to the resolution you want to play in.

Now you can start the game, and enjoy this fairly decent game, with so many games just popping up these past days, this one probably ends up last in the queue to be played.


  1. The game is good. I've been playing for an hour and I find it more enjoyable compared to the Transformer game.

  2. Every time I change video settings (not resolution), it says it needs to restart to take effect. But when I restart the game, it hasn't changed. Also, I put the emulator files in the folder, but the controller doesn't work for some reason. Anyone have any solutions?

  3. hey i have a problem, i put the patch to play like xbox controller but i cant' shoot. all of the bottons like a x b work good, but LT LB RT RB dosen't work. greetings

  4. I have the same problem, can´t shoot RT does not work !!!

  5. i copy the following files but it doesnt work :(

  6. for your controller problem make sure your controller is set on x mode on the switch before even starting the game. once the game is loaded and it still doesn't work try turning it to d and back to x and it should solve the controller problem

  7. dude how to set the controller on x mode, plz mail u r suggestion to this id

  8. I think he's talking about the button on the pad that can switch between two modes. make sure it is set to the correct one when starting the game.

  9. Men! I have logitech dual action for my PC. I did everything. In options able to choose xbox controller, but in the game it doesnt work, nothong! can anyone please help? Thanks!