Sunday, May 31, 2009

Terminator Salvation

To get Terminator Salvation to work with your logitech rumblepad 2, you need to get an early version of the emulation software, v1.0, did the trick for me, I had to recompile it to get the buttons working right.

Search for "XBOX360 Controller Emulator v1.0" will take you to the correct place, at

Or download the compiled file from :

Place the file in :

Program Files/Evolved Games/Terminator Salvation

I would rate this game as very playable on a Radeon HD 4670, with a controller. Nice graphics and gameflow. It's said to be a short game, since I've not yet completed it I cant tell you. I'm just 2 chapters into it. It's very enjoyable.


  1. yes it works thanx but how do u get 2nd player to use my other logitech gampad too, two gamepads no mouse

  2. Splitscreen coop. usaully when i use the 360 controller emu both players can use pads, unreal tournament 3,left for dead 1&2 nice when I play on my hd tv any help would be very appreciated.