Sunday, May 31, 2009


Damnation, is a bit tricky to get working, you need to version 3.0 of the emulation software, find it by searching for "XBOX360 Controller Emulator v3.0". should get you to, this is the main site for the software.

you need to copy all files, including the .dll to hide your current controller from the game.

Put these files into "Program Files/Codemasters/Damnation/Binaries"


The Game itself is not very satisfying, it got fairly good graphincs, but I had to turn off my virus protection in order to run it, and it's still a bit jerky 3d. It does not have a nice flow to it, or a good gaming feeling. I would not recommend this title to anyone. I'll probably recycle this pretty soon, it's not worth getting into.

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