Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dead Island

In order to get Dead Island to play properly with your Logitech Rumblepad 2 or Dual Action Game pad, you will have to do the following...

Download :


Extract the files :


Into the folder :

\Program Files (x86)\Deep Silver\Dead Island\

Now make sure you select the XBOX 360 Controller in the Options for Controller...

I'm off to enjoy this adventure, not for the faint of heart...


  1. Did Steam finally get the official retail copy and not the DEV copy?

  2. Thanks so much dude! This is what I was waiting for to play, as the "analog" fighting really intrigued me. Also, just a heads up, to get this to work with the Steam version, extract to \Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\common\Dead Island\

    Anyway, again, thanks dude. It's awesome how fast you posted this.

  3. My dpad and analog are mixed up.

  4. Works fine, sadly the aim-assist in analog mode like on consoles isn't there. Makes it sadly a lot harder to use the throwing weapons and so on.

    Meanwhile: I managed to use the drivers just fine with Warhammer 40k: Space Marine. Everything is hunky dory. just paste in the main folder.

  5. Dont work camera movement with this files on Warhammer 40k

  6. can you please emulate for, Driver: San Francisco

  7. Just wanted to say the emu works fine with Driver: San Francisco

  8. RE : guy asking "can you please emulate for, Driver: San Francisco"

    Why don't you add the 3 files and see if it works?

    I know it does as it is for me atm

    Use these 3.

    x360ce (config)
    xinput1.3 (dll)
    XinputTest (app)

    run XinputTest. and start up Driver - thats it.

  9. Yep driver works fine with the emu.

  10. Hi, Question:

    I've downloaded the x360ce and put it in the folder just as said and made sure to select xbox 360 controller in the game options... my problem is that I think there are 2 different mappings going on, or something is very wrong...

    my left joystick for walking is backwards (up walks backwards and down walks forwards), i went into game options and tried invert axis but it did nothing. also, I think the problem is that I must somehow have 2 different button mappings overlaying each other? Like when i press start, the game pauses and the character also ducks. when I hit R2 (bumper 2) the game pauses and the character punches. when i look down the character looks down and punches as well. it seems like most of the buttons have 2 different uses that are both activating at the same time at the hit of one button.

    I'm not sure how that happened though, or how to fix it? I closed my rumblepad 2 controller settings box to see if that helped but it did not, and i dont know enough about the controller mappings to fix it... is there something simple that im just not seeing?

    thanks for any and all help!

    1. hi! im having the same problems! how did you fix this? is everthing working out smoothly? please share! thanks!!!

  11. ok, i figured out why that was happening. my logitech controller was issuing its own set of instructions as well. so thats all taken care of.

    the only problem now is that for some reason the xbox 360 emulator is assigning the left joystick as the d-pad and the d-pad as the left control stick... any idea how to change that around? i dont see anything in the file i downloaded to change the 360 emulator button mappings

    1. Dude I had the exact same problem I just can't figure out how to make it so it only used x360ces controls. Please please tell me man. This has been driving me mad for hours.

  12. when i try to use this the test works but in the actual game i get no input happening.

  13. I dont have the "Deep Silver" folder...I got the game off steam. Any idea what to do about it?

  14. I cannot run when pressing shift on the steam copy O.o . .

  15. I'm having no luck with the steam version. Dual action has no response at all with the four files in place.

  16. hi! (sorry for my english but i'm french... i hope you will understand)
    I've the steam version but it doesn't work good.
    I explaine:
    all files are in the folder of dead island but when i launch the game, nothing happend with the pad, then i tried to withdrow the dinput8.dll, and then when i lauch the game, the pad works but it seems there is a conflict because if i press a button, 2 or 3 action are using at the same time...
    I hope you have an idea to solve this probleme