Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mini Ninjas

Another awaited title this week is mini ninjas, as I am a bit fan of the adventure platform type of games, and since it's being delivered by eidos, I got high hopes on this title, let's hope it wont disapoint, will get back with more info as soon I get a chance to test this one out.

I'm sure it will work fine with the xbox 360 emulation.

We'll it sure did disapoint, now way to get the xbox360 joypad emulation to work, and keymapping sux. looks like a good game, but can't play it, I'll return this asap. But before I got a chance to return it, I got this :

1. Find out the name of your gamepad in the control panel (Game Controllers), for me it was "Logitech RumblePad 2 USB".
2. Open Regedit, hit CTRL-F and type the name of your gamepad. It should find something like :

OEMName REG_SZ Logitech RumblePad 2 USB

3. Select Modify and enter "XBOX 360 Controller for Windows" (without the ").

4. Download and Install the files :

Program Files\Eidos\Mini Ninjas


5. The game should work now.

Released : 2009-09-10


  1. No, the xbox360 emu doesnt work.. crappy eidos for not supporting controllers...

  2. What you guys need is a nifty program called Xpadder. LINK:

    And if you have keen eyes, you'll spot the Rapidshare for the program in the link above. wink.gif

    Works like a charm. I used the Mini Ninja's PC Manual HERE: to setup my Logitech Rumblepad II (matches XBOX 360 controls).

    Enjoy! cool.gif

  3. In addition to xbox360 emu, you should rename your controller to "XBOX 360 For Windows (Controller)".

    To do it, first look your controller name in control panel -> game controllers.

    Next search the string in regedit and replace it with "XBOX 360 For Windows (Controller)".

  4. use logitech profiler to map the controls for your rumblepad 2. it works great.

  5. it works on Rumblepad 2, dude!!
    all you need is rename your controller on registry, and don't forget to copy xbox 360 emulator into game directory.

    how to rename your registry?
    check this out!

  6. now it runs/ funciona ahora perfectamente acordaros siempre de sustituirlos TODOS y a veces se cambia solo al original sobretodo si cambiamos el mando de entrada USB.

    Probado con RUMBLEPAD 2 OK

  7. Has anyone else tried this with the Cordless Rumblepad 2? I tried the fix in the first post, but after changing the registry setting and starting the game, it crashes immediately. When I look in the registry again, the entry has changed back to the original Rumblepad entry. After that the game works again, but of course I can't use the Rumblepad. It seems that the game doesn't like the "XBOX 360 Controller for Windows" entry.

  8. here is your SIMPLE solution people:

  9. Is that a profile for Logitech Profiler? I managed to make the game controls work pretty nicely using the profiler, but the game still stutters like crazy for me. I have a Core 2 Duo 2.33Ghz, 4 GB RAM and a Radeon HD4870. Shouldn't that be enough to run this game at 1360x768 with at least some AA and AF?

  10. Hey Staffan, try use the above description on how to get it working with your controller, I pretty much have the same setup as you and it works quite well. I never use the Logitech Profiler, as it does not take advantage of the analog movement.

  11. Doesn't work for me...

    i'm using Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit

  12. Thanks you, the Dragon
    Lord, all work perfectly!! And Rumblepad becoming XBOX`s gamepad!=))

  13. It works on Win 7 but nindja is always in stealth mode. I don't know how to fix that.

  14. Hello,

    Can't dl the file on megauplaud...

  15. it worked. thanks

  16. not working. i tryed that but nothing. the game is mini ninjas. help. i have regular ceap usb joystick