Saturday, September 26, 2009


I did have great expectations on FIFA 10, 1st being a great fan of Electronic Arts sports stuff, 2nd it is 2010, not 2000. With that in mind you would think NextGen is here, and this should not be a poor PS2 port. But EA manages to disapoint big time. The PC version totaly sucks. How come you got these poor standards, today people who game on PC do it with todays hardware, not on their old office machine from the year 2000. Get with the program guys.

It work poorly with a rumblepad 2, meaning the controls are basically crap, and non logic when using the menu system. Once again you should simply follow the xbox360 standards, don't try your own stuff EA Sports.

This is one of the worst games for being such a big title like FIFA 10. It should be up there in the elite league of games with Batman, Resident Evil, Need for Speed.

I'll be lucky if I can pas this one of to somebody as a second hand game for a descent buck, but I would feel bad for the poor fellow, it's not even worth the CD it's printed on.

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