Saturday, June 20, 2009

Overlord II

Another game that only works with the xbox 360 wired controller, but thanks to this tool you can play it fully with a logitech rumble pad 2.

Download :

In Directory :

Program Files/Codemasters/Overlord II

First rename
xinput1_3.dll to xinput1_3.dll.old

Then the following into it


And it will work perfectly, this is also quite a good game, After a while of playing you realize this is truly a great game, that you just want to keep playing. I've already spent many hours on it, and it just keeps getting better and better.

Released : 24 June 2009


  1. What tool? I dont see a link! Also, what is "Then the following into it" supposed to mean? This sentence no verb!

  2. What the **** how about some better instructions...

  3. Download the Xbox 360 Emulator 3.0 "Tool" here:

    So far it works, but i can't get the D-Pad to work :-( I need it to work with my minions. Anyone who manages to get it to work, please post it here. Thanks :-)

    Zip file includes instructions. P.S. file is reputable and virus-free.

  4. crap it didnt work

  5. how did it not work? Rename xinput1_3.dll to anything you want it to be. Then copy the files in the zip to the same folder that you renamed the xinput file. Run Overlord Config.exe and switch to Gamepad, NOT Gamepad (Configurable). Overlord 2 should pick up the "Xbox" Controller. Works like a charm, except for the D-Pad, which i imagine requires some tweaking in the xbox360cemu.ini file. The only thing is that i haven't been able to figure out how to tweak it yet. *sigh* :-(

  6. Which controller do you use, my wired rumble pad 2 don't have any problems with the D-pad.

  7. Dragon Lord I have the wired Rumble Pad 2 how did you get your D-pad to work???

  8. well lets put it this way..the D-Pad works if i switch mode and use the D-Pad for movement, but i use the left analog stick for movement and the D-Pad should be used for switching between the independent minions (red, green, brown, blue). currently i can't select them separately.

  9. hah..nevermind, managed to get it to work. Overlord 2 use a different control system than Overlord. the D-Pad is not used for selecting the corresponding minion type..all sorted out.

  10. ok, I use (6)+1-4 to select the minion type. I've never played the first Overlord, is it comparable as great as this one, with HD resolution?

  11. Play it, it's great, and the graphics in OL2 didn't improve that much compared to the first one. It's not really challenging, (the second one doesn't seem to be, either), but it's still lots of fun.

    Am I blind or did you add the link after my post on the 26th?

  12. does anyone try this on Vista 64?
    I have a crash right after the startup of overlord2 if i use this emu.

  13. I think this is only for 32 bit, It's not complied for 64 bit.