Monday, June 15, 2009

Ghostbusters The Video Game

Works right out of the box with my rumblepad2, I first had some problem with the camera sliding down all the time. But after I copied some files into the directory, it seems to work? It might just have been my controller or not? (Note I found that just unplugging / replugging your rumblepad will solve the problem if the dpads is not synced properly).

Program Files/Atari/Ghostbusters/

This game already has a "xinput1_3.dll" file in the dir, and it wont work to replace it. I would have preferred the game using the xbox emulation, as it will make the key hints in the game better, I rather see press "A", instead of press "2". It beats me why logitech dont get more logical key names, that is easy to relate to, as nobody can remember where key "6" is, while "R1" does makes sense.

The game itself is totally awesome, just my kind of game, some busting just make you feel good. I'm already probably 80% into the game already. I'm now on the "Lost island", and so far it's been easy to figure it out, and fun. (Edit: Now I've completed the game after ~15hours of great game playing. I give this game a full 10/10 points, and it's probably the best game I've played for a long time, since I completed crysis warhead).

In case you need some help, try this guide.

This is defenately one of the games you should have a go at. I'll give it easily 10. It got great story, wonderfull gameplay, and nothing beats playing a ghostbuster.

Released : 18 June 2009

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