Saturday, April 28, 2012

Risen 2 Dark Waters

If you want Risen 2 Dark Waters to work with your Logitech Rumblepad2 or Dual Action Gamepad, you will need to use xpadder and map the keys, as far as I know after some extensive testing this was the only solution...

If anyone else have any luck, let us know...


  1. could you plz upload its profile ????

  2. I don't understand why x360ce could not work with this game given that it is scheduled to be released on the 360....however, I managed to map the controls to my Logitech Dual Action using XPadder. The problem is that I can't figure out how to fine tune analogue movement so I can walk/run simply by the amount of pressure I apply to the stick rather than have to set aside a button to toggle walk/run. I read some random forum posting where someone said you could set up 'bands' for the analogue stick but I don't see that option in XPadder, nor have found any sort of instruction for setting up 'bands.'

    Even more annoying is the 'roll' function: normally done via double press of the movement key, or in this case the quick double movement of the analogue stick in the same direction. For some odd reason the 'roll' is often triggered when I move my analogue stick to another direction too quickly. This makes combat even more difficult.

    Has anyone tried Pinnacle?