Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rayman Origins

To get your Logitech Rumblepad2 or Dual Action Gamepad working as they should with Rayman Origins, you'll have to :

Download :


Put the files in the installed directory as follows...

\Program Files\Ubisoft\Rayman Origins\


If you have problems to locate the directory, simply try to find the file : Rayman Origins.exe, and put the files in the same directory.

Once you have done this, you will need to map the keys to your controller as you pleases in the game, go to options and do so. After this is done you should be able to enjoy this game with your gamepad.


  1. hey. you can map each key 1 by 1,

    also after adding the vibmod files
    go to settings > hit 'reset defaults'
    ... it map to joyStick rather than keyBoard.

    been following for years
    THANKS for keeping this site going!

  2. I can't make it work after I placed the files in the folder! help!