Wednesday, September 8, 2010


A real-time world war ii strategy game, hmm can this be played well with a joy pad, I supose so as this release is available for all three major game consols : PC, PS3 & XBOX 360. So we may expect it to work fine with the xbox 360 joypad emulation...

I've heard of reports that vibmod, may cause slowdown on some systems for certain games, so I personally use 3.0, you may download it here :

Unpack and put the files in the folder you installed the game like :

\Program Files\Ubisoft\R.U.S.E.\


Then you need to tick the "Joystick" option to enable the controller. Do so by going to :

My R.U.S.E. -> My OPTIONS -> scroll until you see the option Joystick, and tick it.

And it should all work fine, now, I'm currently still way into mafia ii, so I'll just give this a quick test, and save it for a rainy day, I'm not a real strategy game fan.


  1. You can find it at :