Sunday, March 28, 2010

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

This game is without gamepad support, so you have to use xpadder if you want to game with your pad. I did configure mine, and was able to play the game all to the end without any problems, just map the important keys, and off you go...

Being a past fan of Command & Conquer, I enjoyed the game, as well as some newcomers to this game might do. For multiplayer battle I asume keyboard / mouse might be the better option, as joypad do slow down the reaction time for this kind of game.

But if your not into these type of games, you might just leave this one alone, it's not your typical console game experience. It's fun while it lasts, takes around 2 days of playing to complete all the missions, after that it's not really interesting anymore, for single-players.


  1. What's the logic of playing a strategy game with gamepad?

  2. This game is more a action game than a strategy game. Single player mode does not take much brain to complete... I personally never really like the keyboard/mouse approach to games, and this still is a fun game so why not, for those few of us who want to... I did not find much of the old strategy of C&C's from the past in this one...