Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Finally a game that works out of the box using your logitech rumblepad 2 and dual action game pads. And it's not a bad game either, it's quite good, and it's a must to enjoy it with your game pads. You'll need a friend and two pads...

This will take you on the amazing journey of Alice and her friends. Enjoy it as well as the movie available in 3D, Tim Burton always been one of my favorite story tellers, ever since Nightmare Before Christmas...

Off to enjoy this game...

Update : Just completed the game, and it's a wonderful story, and It's one you can enjoy playing with your kids, as it allows for two players to help each other on the journey. If you're looking for a game for you kids, or just some light entertainment for yourself, this is a sure bet. It's a game made to be played with game pads, so you'll need two of them.


  1. DRAGON LORD-- what you are doing with this blog is awesome!! I was looking for this kind of support for rumblepad for long time. Thank you.
    Now, I would like to ask you if u can in your free time take a look on controlling games like:
    Lost Via Domus
    Wanted-Weapons of Fate
    Gears of War
    El Matador
    Advent Rising
    Kane and Lynch Dead Men
    Far Cry 2
    Stalker Clear Sky

    I know that most of them are older but they are great to play and with controller. I support your work!


  2. i also bump into this blog searching info about emulating my rp2 like a 360pad and im happy that you have this ideia, great tips and tricks, keep up the hard work, we appreciate it, and LETS PLAY NOW

  3. A tip for some of the games, is to use the xpadder program, it can help you if the game don't have native x360 joypad support.

    I think Wanted-Weapons of Fate, is similar to terminator salvation , try the same trick.