Friday, July 22, 2011

Cars 2: The Video Game

Cars 2: The Video Game, works perfectly fine with your Logitech Rumblepad 2 or Dual Action Gamepad. But if you want to spice it up a bit you can install the xbox 360 joypad emulation... It won't change the button layout, but it will give you a more familiar way to navigate...

Download :


Extract the files :


and copy them into folder :

\Program Files (x86)\Disney Interactive Studios\Cars 2\

This game is mainly for the younger of us, or your kids... Take a look at it before you decide, the first looks will probably not amaze anyone, but it could be fun for the kids, especially if they got a bit of a story line in the play, and not just plain racing... Did not get that far yet.


  1. Such a great site

    Logitech should pay you (and the guy who write the x360cemu) for this - after all what are their products for? before i found this blog my 2 controllers were just gathering dust, found NOTHING on the logitech sites.
    Kind of stupid realy as more people would buy their products if they incorporated the emu and this info into their site. very very odd :P

  2. Limbo works with this

    [B] xbox360cemu version 3 works fine [/B]

    Un pack into the Limbo folder.

    (Only add the util/app "XInputTest" the DLL "xinput1_3" & the config file "xbox360cemu" to the Limbo folder i.e. the same folder that the Limbo exe resides.
    make sure the 2 files "dinput8" & "xinput9_1_0" are not in the Limbo folder. (these are sometimes required for other games.)

    Run xbox360 emu file - you will see a picture of your Logitech controller - to see if it is working press buttons/move sticks - all should be fine.

    Run limbo - works fine IN the game iteself but you'll need to unplug the controller at the menu to set options as 'it', for some odd reason, goes a bit crazy = selection constantly goes up making it impossible to select an option.

    Other than that it works fine in game.

  3. Yeah it´s great. But the menu scroll really annoys me. I tried a bunch of settings but none helped. Dragon Lord, do you have a solution?