Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lost Planet 2

Capcom has always managed to make fairly interesting games to play, and this looks to be no exception, in order to get your game pad working as a proper xbox 360 controller, follow the instructions...

Download the needed files from :

and unpack it to the installation directory...

\Program Files\CAPCOM\LOST PLANET 2\

Make sure the files included are :


Now you can fully enjoy the game with your logitech rumblepad 2 or dual action gamepad. I'm now gonna give this game a go, to see if it lives up to the expectations...

Edit: This game feels a bit stiff when playing, if you try you'll know what I mean, got great cut scenes between the missions, but once in a mission it's lacking something... Not my kind of game, so do give it a try in the shop, before you buy it.


  1. hi! i have a problem. with my buddy we cant play splitscreen co-op, because the game only allow one gamepad in the same time. i try a lot of options, but i still havent got solution. any idea? thanx!


  2. Try this, its already set up for ps2 controller but its easy to reconfigure.

    [url=][b]File name: x360ce emu PS2 gamepad beállí File size: 689.33 KB[/b][/url]

  3. Deleted please re-upload!!

  4. You can download it from :