Saturday, February 20, 2010

Aliens vs Predator

Another great game with partially working Logitech rumble pad / dual action pad support. I had some problems, with the controller setups. After playing around with it for a while I got it working...

You need to tweak the x360ce.ini as follows :

Set main option "FakeAPI" to 1
Get and set correct VID/PID for you gamepad in pad options

To get VID/PID of gamepad:

Open "Device Manager"
In "Human Interface Devices" find "HID-compliant game controller"
Double click to open properties, go to "Details" tab
From combo box select "Hardware Ids"
In listbox you will see a list of id like: "HID\VID_044F&PID_B323"
So you VID is a hex number after "VID_" ie. in upper example 0x044F and PID 0xB323
Write valuses to x360ce.ini

Then you may start the games, and it should work fine, Before when it was not working it said, press X to use options in menu. Now it will say, press A to use options in menu... I'm just posting this for you all before I dive into this great game.


  1. can you post a new link to x360ce_vibmod_3.1.4.0.rar? that rapidshare link is not working anymore... pls use mediafire or something... tnx

  2. It's uploaded on :

  3. the left and right triggers don't work

  4. tnx for the link

  5. Hello. Could you please upload the file again? The Mediafire link doesn't work now either.

  6. 10x a lot for the great blog and everything!
    I am lost without your help for a lot of theese games! :D

    But I really enjoy this game and I am not able to get the pad running here... ;( I do everything you say... Only works in the in game menues (even without the xbox controller emulator) and thats it...
    Even after the PID=0xC218 I have a lot of other numbers and signs... I tried with/without them... > nothing!

    Maybe if you upload your exact files... I don't know... but I really want to play this game with the pad :(

  7. thanks... for nothing... great help

  8. If I can find the game again I'll check this out for you... But I got it working pretty much following the steps above.

  9. This will be really GREAT!

    I'm going insane here... I've tried maybe five or six versions of the mod... and nothing! In the newest versions when I start the FakeAPI function and write in the correct numbers of VID/PID the gamepad becomes undetectable even in the games menu... When the numbers are somehow incorrect (random) rumblepad works only in the menu with the wrong buttons configuration (press x to proceed, etc.). That's just how it is even without the emulator... I've even tried older versions with dinput8.dll instead of the FakeAPI function... and nothing!
    I've tried downloading configs from other games that work perfect for me (for example Call of Duty : Black OPS) with hope to adjust them for AvP... this was obviously useless.
    I've tried all off these configurations with renaming the file xinput1_3.dll to


    This game will drive me mad...

    That's the only place in the net that has some explanation about this game...

  10. FYI, I'm on windows 7, 32bit, I use a corded Rumblepad 2. If you don't have the same setup, there might be other problems... I'll try to follow the above to see if I have any problems.

  11. I uploaded the files I used, it got my VID & PID in there you need to change these for yours.

    if you see X in the menu, it's not correct. you are supose to see A. I had X that first, until I set my VID & PID to the correct ones.

    Hope it works.

  12. Thank you, but I'm unable to downlad that file... after I choose to start my download, it tells me that I cann't connect (I even have a registration)

    I'm using win XP SP3 32 bit and just like you - corded rumblepad 2

    I doubt the problem is in the XP but who knows?

  13. Try :


    I've tested to download the file from there. It should work.

  14. Wow! Really fast response... I've managed to download it from your new links, but... there's again a problem :S Some strange sh*t is happening! When I download and extract them, the ini file already has obtained my VID/PID settings... and yes, I've got rid of the old files before I extracted these!
    The next thing I should mention is when I start the game with correct VID/PID/FakeAPI started... (the gamepad's not responding even in the menu of the game) and when I quit the game it sends me a message that it needs to close, then I need to end task it... I feel so stupid already :D
    Should I restart the system at some point or what? I'm new actually with that xinput emu, but I think that after these thousand times tryin' to run this game I've already learned the program...

  15. I would think the VID/PID could be the same for two pads, I think they in someway might indicate the model, driver used. For me these files works fine, the only difference is that I'm on win 7 / 32 bit, and I also run driver version (9/11/2009) from Logitech. In case the driver version makes a difference.

  16. I am also having a hard time making this work. I seem to be getting the same error as the guy two posts above me...

    I am putting the downloaded files into the install file. And nothing changes. Is it possible that the controller may not work because the game is a steam game?

  17. Same thing for me.. Just can´t get it to work in the game.. it works only in the menu. unfortunately i´ll have to buy a xbox360 pad for my pc

  18. It might be an issue because of steam? But not very likely, If it works in the menues, it should work in the game, give this a try...

  19. Hi, i bought this game yesterday, still not have a solution for this problem?
    I want so much play this game with my rumblepad...