Friday, November 6, 2009

Dragon Age: Origins

There is no joypad support for this game, and the only way to get it, is if you try and map it is with xpadder.

If anyone done a good config, please post the link for it.

Please developers out there, JOYPAD support for the games, please. Let the end consumer choose if they want to play mouse/keybord or with a pad.


  1. i hate you so much you damn casual... You and people similiar to you are the reason why games get dumbed and watered down.

  2. ofcoz, he knew he was gonna get flamed by someone when writing this, he's far from stupid. It's just written to provoke people like you. Still I do enjoy this on my PS3, and see no reason why it would not be enjoyable with a pad on the PC aswell.

  3. how bout cause it's a PC game that was dumbed down and altered quite horribly for ps3 and xbox360? have you played these versions? have you played the PC one? the control scheme on the 360 is hideous. why shoul they make that a possibility, or a reqiremnt where the game is meant to shine?

  4. What does it matter to any of you,it should be the choice of the person paying hard cash weather to use a mouse or a gamepad. Everyone is different why can't you just live with that

  5. I love this blog.
    As for people who are talking trash in the comments...
    please at least learn to write proper English before
    you start trolling. Thank you.

    On topic - developers should ALWAYS include
    controller support. Everyone has the right to choose
    their preferred control method.

    Now a message for "nataq01" from pcsx2 forums
    aka the first comment:
    You are so narrow minded, it truly is sad. Real PC hardcore gamer who lives in his stepmother's basement. PS2 practically killed PC gaming, and yet people like you
    loathe consoles and at the same time illegally emulate those same devices. If consoles are inferior why do you desire them so...? People like you are killing PC platform further, you goddamn pirates. How about you buy a real PS2, start buying original PC games and stop being a retarded PC snob.
    A real gamer plays on both PC and consoles.