Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes

Finally the game is here that I've been waiting on for the past week. I just completed mini ninjas last weekend, and still got a few games in the queue, but I really want to give this game a go. Republic Heroes is a game based on the Clone Wars TV series and lets you fight as both Jedi Knights and Clone Troopers through more than 30 unique missions.

This will be the first game I'll try the new VIBMOD XINPUT with :


I do hope this game lives up to the great expectations I've got on it. Being from Lucas Arts and all. I'll get back here in a few hours when I get a chance to test it all out.

At the time of testing, I did not have access to the new beta so I grabbed the old version, it works great with the xbox 360 emulation, download and install :


Put the following files under the installed directory as follows :

Program Files\LucasArts\Republic Heroes


for this game, don't forget to include :


It worked smoothly for me. Though when playing the character movement don't got that great feeling, but that is the games problem, not the controller.

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